You can’t go wrong with a custom logo. It takes time to master, but custom lettering can turn a logo into a real work of art—not just a hodgepodge of pre-made fonts and shapes, but something unique, timeless, and personable.

Sadly, many businesses go the easy route and rely on clip-art and out-of-date designs, with devastating effects on their brand and reputation.

Hire me for your next graphic design project—be it a logo, brochure, or other promotional graphic—and see the difference a professional can have on your business.

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My Process

1 | Talking it Out. We’ll connect and discuss ideas for your logo. This may or may not include a brief questionnaire to help me gather some details about your vision. Shortly after, you’ll recieve a personalized quote. Get started »

2 | A Little Paperwork. Once you approve the quote and design direction, I’ll send over a contract for you to review and sign. I’ll also collect a 50% initial deposit to begin the research and brainstorming stage of the project.

3 | Brainstorming. In addition to your input, I do a lot of research on my own into your industry and different styles of typography to find out what kind of look would best represent your business and set you apart from competitors.

4 | To the Drawing Board. I sketch out and experiment with many different styles and lettering choices for your logo. Eventually, I’ll narrow it down to the best composition, and show you the rough concept, usually an inked sketch not unlike what you’ll find on my Instagram account.

5 | Polishing It Up. On your approval, I’ll bring the sketch into Illustrator and work on a clean vector version of the logo, cleaning up lines, tightening up the details, and developing it to completion. Any variations and color schemes for the logo will also be fleshed out in this phase.

6 | And Viola! I’ll present to you the final design along with your last invoice and an explanation of the process I went through to create your logo. Once the invoice is paid, you’ll receive all the source files for your logo and can start using it immediately.

Let's Get Started

I’m eager to get to know you and your brand’s story. Get in touch with me today to start your graphic design project.

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